• Vicki Ahmadi

Our Step-by-step Guide to Homeownership

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Understanding the homebuying process can help simplify and streamline your journey to homeownership. Starting with your preapproval helps you gauge what purchase amount you may qualify for and increases the chances of your offer being accepted. Nowadays, many realtors won’t even accept offers without a mortgage preapproval, so be ready with your preapproval prior to putting in an offer. Our prequalification process makes getting preapproved a snap.

Once you have your preapproval in hand, your realtor will help you find your dream home and present an offer on your behalf. If you need help finding a realtor to represent you, please feel free to contact me for referral. Your realtor and I will continue to work together and guide you through the remaining steps to becoming a homeowner. Call me if you have any questions, otherwise get started by selecting apply now.

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